Many people are constantly on the lookout for cheaper housing but can never find anything worth their money or effort. Sometimes, people simply do not have the choice to stay where they want to. Regardless of whether you are forced to move or if you are just trying to save some extra cash at the end of the month, you should continue to read about Section 8 housing and what it could mean for you. In this article, we explain what Section 8 housing is and also tell you how to get a Section 8 house.

What Is Section 8 Housing?

Section 8 housing is a housing industry assistance program created by the Unites States government that provides part of a tenant’s rent, depending on their income level. It is designed to help people with low income, people with physical disabilities, senior citizens and so on. The program is provided by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). Section 8 housing still requires that you pay the remainder of the monthly rent to the landlord and also requires that you follow a whole list of other criteria. Section 8 housing is not for everyone but it can be a lifesaver if you have run out of choices. There are many Section 8 houses and the majority of them are nice, clean homes. Landlords decide to put their house in the Section 8 category because it means that they will almost definitely get the rent on time and that the tenant will most likely take care of the house because of the strict rules that the government places on these kind of houses.

Steps to Get a Section 8 House for Rent

The following are the steps involved in getting a Section 8 house for rent:

  • contacting the housing authority
  • proving your eligibility
  • searching for an appropriate home
  • moving in
  • being on your best behavior

Contacting the Housing Authority

In order to find out more information about Section 8 houses, you will want to contact the housing authority and ask to speak to someone about Section 8 houses. Eventually, you will be able to complete the paperwork and be on your way to moving into a Section 8 house. The Housing Authority should assign you with both an agent to work with you on a personal level in order to find a house and also a payment plan that works well for your unique situation. You can contact your local Housing Authority by visiting the Department of Housing and Development’s website or by finding the number of your local Housing Authority in the phonebook.

Proving Your Eligibility

Once you make contact with the Housing Authority, you will need to prove that you actually need a Section 8 house. Since Section 8 housing involves the government paying part of your monthly rent, they will want to make sure that only people who cannot afford regular housing are able to rent a Section 8 house. You do not have to be dirt-floor broke to rent a Section 8 house, but you will need to show that you and your family cannot realistically thrive on your current living conditions. Reasons like children, medical disabilities, and low income can be sufficient in proving your case to the Housing Authority.

Searching for an Appropriate Home

The next step in renting a Section 8 home is to search for a house that you and your family can realistically live in. There are many great Section 8 houses out there and it is not a cause for worry if you do not accept the first house shown to you.

What would you do if you were looking out for a normal house? Treat this situation the exact same way. Go to the house in person and check it thoroughly. Decide if you like the area and the school district that your child would be in, and make sure that it is not too far out of your way to get to work. You may consider relocating completely in order to move into a Section 8 house but remember that you will still have to pay at least half, if not the majority, of the rent. So, if you do decide to relocate, make sure that you have another job lined up in that area.

Moving In

Now, it is time to move in. Be sure to check with the landlord before you do any remodeling or painting in the house. The landlord of your Section 8 house will be like any other landlord that you have dealt with in the past. If you have pets, you will need to check to see if that is acceptable as well. The Housing Authority does not have much control over what you do with the house, once you have moved in but they will be checking on you from time to time to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Being on Your Best Behavior

Living in a Section 8 home is different from renting a regular house. As the government is paying part of the rent, they want to make sure that deserving people get to rent Section 8 homes. You do not have to be a model citizen but things like criminal charges, arguments with the landlord, messy home, and being behind on your payment of rent can get you thrown out of your new home. Also, keep in mind that the Housing Authority is not likely to give second chances and so, if you get thrown out of a Section 8 house once, you probably will not be able to rent a Section 8 home again.

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